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Easter in Innsbruck

Easter market 2020

03 April - 13 April 2020
11.00 am - 7.00 pm

Look closely and you might catch a glimpse of tender green leaf tips on the branches of the trees. But the heralds of spring cannot be held at bay - especially at the Easter market in front of Innsbruck's Golden Roof where you can stroll around and visit a variety of stands beautifully adorned with pretty Easter eggs and spring decorations.

In addition, the Old Town offers a colourful programme of Tyrolean traditions and customs. From 'Frühschoppen' - a traditional pre-lunch get-together over a glass of beer - and the making of 'Palmbuschen' - bunches of twigs decorated with crepe paper and little pretzels - to traditional costumes and festive Tyrolean Easter dances. Local inhabitants present centuries-old customs traditionally carried out to welcome the spring.

The Easter Festival brings the arts together under a new motto every year. Music, dance, performances, reading, dialogues or film: you choose! The venues are just a varied as the topics covered: churches, theatres, the university, the Salzlager old salt warehouse and many more. Early Music from the time of Emperor Maximilian can be heard in the venerable setting of the Imperial Palace in Innsbruck, discussions take place at the School of Theology and other acts include Gregorian chorales, German Expressionist Dance and vocal ensembles.

Ask for our room conditions, we would be happy if you spend the Easter holidays with us!

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