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Cosiness at the Bierwirt

The Bauernstube lounge

Bauernstube at the Hotel Bierwirt
Bauernstube at the Hotel

In order to retain the traditional feeling which has reigned at the Bierwirt traditional guesthouse over the last 300 years, the rooms at the Innsbruck restaurant have been furnished with local timber. Tyrolean food and woods are the formula for success at the Bierwirt in Innsbruck.

A small, decorative oven has been standing in the Ofenstube (oven lounge) for many years and creates a warm and cosy ambience in colder weather. The local spruce wood creates a very pleasant room environment including in the new lounge, which was renovated in 2012. The glass roof ensures a light-flooded space and the chance to ‘admire the stars’ later in the evening.

Plenty of space

Memorial ceremonies at the hotel Bierwirt
Memorial ceremonies at the hotel

While the Ofenstube and new lounge offer space for around 20 people, the Grosse Stube (large lounge) is big enough for a larger party. Up to 90 people can enjoy local dishes here. The room is panelled with spruce wood and decorated with mirrors. The Bierstube lounge is suitably cosy for a small gathering of up to 15 people with its old oak wood walls. The guests’ garden also offers space for up to 100 people, so long as the weather plays along!


The comforting environment of the various lounges at the Bierwirt offer the ideal setting for hosting a funeral gathering. The largest cemetery in Innsbruck is based close to the Hotel Bierwirt. Our employees are always happy to help with the organisation.

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